3A ThreeZero - 3Z0695 - MDLX - Megatron (G2 Universe)

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Introducing the Threezero Transformers Mdlx Articulated Figure Series Megatron (G2 Universe) Action Figure! This collectible figure features the vivid color scheme and logo from the Transformers: Generation 2 1990’s toyline, along with new camouflage decals. The MDLX series offers a smaller scale version of threezero’s DLX series, with the same high-range of articulation and enhanced durability at an affordable price. Made with a combination of die-cast metal and engineering plastic, this figure stands at approximately 7″ (18 cm) tall and has approximately 45 points of articulation. Accessories include one Fusion Cannon, one Back Cannon, and three sets of interchangeable hands.
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More Information
Manufacturer ThreeZero
Series Transformers
Line DLX
Character Megatron