3A ThreeZero 3Z0328 1/6 Rambo: First Blood Part II - John Rambo

Beginning with First Blood released in 1982, the Rambo franchise has become one of the most important series of action films in cinema history, inspiring countless successors. The portrayal of John Rambo, played by Sylvester Stallone, has deeply resonated with audiences, capturing the frustrations and courage of a veteran soldier. After the success of the first film in terms of reputation and commercial performance, Rambo: First Blood Part II takes the action to a whole new level. John Rambo accepts a deal from Colonel Troutman to document missing POWs in a US military base in Vietnam, and transforms into a mercenary known as “The Lone Wolf,” defying his orders and bravely rescuing the prisoners. Despite being a fierce warrior, he carries a tender sentiment against war. John Rambo’s character prompts viewers to reflect on the ethics of war, making him the most iconic and compassionate action hero in the hearts of the audience.

Product Features
11.82 inches (30cm)
1/6 Scale
Made of plastic and fabric
From the Rambo: First Blood Part II movie
Life-like detail
Highly articulated
Custom fabric clothing
Box Contents
John Rambo figure
6 Pairs of hands
Alternate left hand
5 Arrows
Knife and sheath
2 Push daggers
Boot dagger
AKM Assault Rifle
M60E3 Machine Gun
M60E3 Ammunition Belt
M72 LAW and Rocket

Additional Details
1/6 scale articulated action figures based on characters from popular movies and television series. This product line is well-known for its highly articulated, original threezero body and meticulous costuming and tailor-made outfits, as well as in-scale weapons, accessories, and exchangeable hands. All figures accurately replicate the character’s appearance as seen in the original media.
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More Information
Manufacturer ThreeZero
Series Rambo
Line Scale Figure
Character Rambo